Data Rate Calculator

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There are several possibilities to use this calculator: You can select a value from the provided drop-down list or define your own values in the "custom" fields. You may as well use both possibilities, for example, a custom value for resolution and drop-down list value for the Scan Mode, to get a result. Please observe that given custom values are used first to calculate the result. If you want to select a value from the provided drop-down list, please make sure to delete the respective custom entries.

To calculate a data rate you need at least the following entries:

  • Resolution or Resolution (custom)
  • Color Mode
  • Quantization
  • Scan Mode or Scan Mode (custom)

Note: The Scan Mode details the full images (frames) processed per second. Although the result will be the same in all scan modes, you have to select a scanning mode as well.

Additionally, to get a runtime result you need the entries for the Available Storage Space (with GByte or MByte selected).

Note: Data formats with 10 bits are assumed to use 32 bit of storage per 30 bits of data. Unit prefixes like M (Mega), G (Giga) refer to the International System of Units (SI) metric prefixes and are always multiples of 10 e.g. M = 10^6, G = 10^9