How can I keep my presentations flexible?

Our solutions: Pronto4

Our system provides you with full flexibility since it supports more than 100 data formats that are easily imported. Edit the content and create the playlist in the timeline according to your ideas. Present compressed or uncompressed content and profit from the multi-device mode or play-out of 3D content.

How can I deliver perfect images to my customers?

Our solution: Pronto4

For several years we have delivered very reliable and powerful players for digital presentation content. We not only make play-out of compressed data possible, but of uncompressed material, too. Feel free to play out uncompressed material and see excellent image quality even on large presentation screens. “Uncompressed” uses the full RGB 4:4:4 10/12/16 bit per color channel for displays of still image sequences (DPX, TIFF, TGA etc.). The usual compression artefacts within large-screen projections (such as blur of image or color, “boxes”, etc.) are avoided, instead a premium presentation quality will be achieved. Moreover, we provide the perfect system for any resolution. Stage professional presentations with any resolution from SD to 4K – with our technology.

Is it possible to use several systems at the same time?

Our solution: Pronto4

Large projection screens and innovative projects often need more than one system to play out content. These challenges can easily be met – synchronize any number of our systems to achieve perfect results. Thanks to the multi-device mode all connected systems can be controlled with a single RS-422 controller.

How can I work with 3D presentations?

Our solutions: Pronto4

We enable you to easily play out stereoscopic content to carry out 3D presentations. Our multi-device mode will synchronize the connected systems which allows you to effortlessly handle impressive 3D projects.

Our sales team will assist you in finding the perfect solution for your facility environment.


R&S®Video Solutions Brochure
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