Post Production

How do we support Digital Cinema?

Our solutions: CLIPSTER®, Pronto4

The DCI standards from September 2005 exactly define how conventional cinemas can upgrade their equipment with digital and secure technology. Our systems meet the DCI standards and provide post houses and film studios with technology for the cinema of the future.
CLIPSTER® users perform all DCI steps automatically: from DSM (Digital Source Master), to DCDM (Digital Cinema Distribution Master), CPL (Composition Playlist), KDM (Key Delivery Message) up to the final DCP (Digital Cinema Package).
The DCP’s quality can directly be controlled with CLIPSTER®. Due to its interoperability with digital cinema players our system covers the complete post production for the digital cinema and generates all required certificates and encryptions. Learn more in our DCI Info Sheet.
For uncompressed and unencrypted play-outs (e.g. for screenings or shows), our disk recorder Pronto4 is perfectly suited. Depending on your requirements, we have different performance stages at your disposal.

What is beyond HD? How can I benefit from 2K and 4K?

Our solutions: CLIPSTER®, Pronto4Atomix HDMI, Atomix LT, Centaurus II LT

Several post production companies already work with 2K resolution, which means 2048 x 1556 pixel. This resolution is required for cinema performance and additionally supports generating HDTV versions in 1920 x 1080. Other formats can be realized with resolutions as 2048 x 1080, 2048 x 858 or 1998 x 1080. Using our products you are able to meet all requirements for any resolution from SD to HD to 2K up to 4K.

4K fulfills the requirement of a high-resolution cinema production with 4096 x 3112 pixel. Our DI systems will process this resolution in best, uncompressed quality – in real time. Our products CLIPSTER®, Cine4K, Atomix, Atomix HDMI, and Centaurus II LT effortlessly support your 4K projects.

How can I provide powerful workflows while dealing with huge amounts of data?

Our solutions: DVS-SAN, SpycerBox

We provide perfect and uncompromising solutions for your storage requirements. Concentrating on your individual demands we develop custom tailored storage components such as central storage networks (SAN), distributed storage systems (NAS) and cost-effective backup storage. Our systems guarantee an optimum performance even if you are working with hundreds of terabytes (TB) or even petabytes (PB) of image data. We guarantee highest data rates and downtime-free performance. With Spycer®, our data manager, you will gain overview even of large amounts of data.

Will my storage system grow with my requirements?

Our solutions: DVS-SAN, SpycerBox

With DVS-SAN and SpycerBox, we provides storage solutions, which are individually extendable and which optimally match your requirements. The storage systems can grow with your workflow and permanently provide optimum workflows in your facility. Both DVS-SAN and SpycerBox offer highest flexibility thanks to their modularity. They can easily be extended to your individual demands. In addition, you can readily and cost-effectively combine several SpycerBoxes to one SpycerBox cluster thanks to SpycerLink.

How can I easily manage the data on all my different workstations and storage systems?

Our solution: Spycer®

Use our award-winning data manager Spycer® to find, browse, edit and manage image data. Generate a distributed content management network, that enables a user-friendly data management. Spycer® does not require a central storage system or central databases. All graphic file formats or file sequences such as DPX, TIFF or TGA are detected by Spycer® as coherent clips. The clip’s file header information are displayed and can be edited as well. File names of large still image sequences can be renamed fast and comfortably. Spycer® is the ideal data manager for creative artists and system administrators who need to gain a fast and efficient overview of the entire distributed content without having to rely on command line tools.

My workflow has some special characteristics – which solution can you offer?

Our solutions: CLIPSTER®, Pronto4, DVS-SAN, SpycerBox

No matter which workflow or which interface you prefer or how many workstations you have integrated – you can design together with our experts exactly the solution for your established post production process to receive optimum results. Thanks to their openness our systems can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures. With our high-performance video technology we will make your ideas of a perfect and cost-efficient environment come true.

Our sales team is looking forward to supporting you to find an optimum solution to empower your environment.

R&S®Video Solutions Brochure
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