How do you support the migration to HD?

Our solutions: VENICE, Pronto4, DVS-SAN, SpycerBox

Since our foundation we have developed HD systems. This long-standing expertise makes us the perfect partner for broadcasters who plan the transition to file-based HD workflows. The combination of IT and video in HD has been our core competence for more than two decades and can be found in all our products: Our multi-channel video server VENICE or storage solutions such as SpycerBox or DVS-SAN are especially designed to meet broadcasters’ needs and provide an optimum tapeless workflow.

How do you meet the challenges of file-based broadcasting?

Our solutions: VENICE, CLIPSTER®, Pronto4, DVS-SAN, SpycerBox, Spycer®

The development of IT based, parallel workflows will replace sequential tape-based workflows. New products as central workstations or storage systems have become state of the art. We have successfully established this technology with its post production customers in the range of up to 4K. For years, we have been familiar with HD data and provides you with future-proof systems to manage the challenges of file-based workflows easily.

The amount of data increases rapidly – which of your solutions will assist concerning safety and management?

Our solutions: DVS-SAN, SpycerBox

File-based workflows require secure and high-performance systems to save the fast growing image data reliably. Our storage solutions DVS-SAN and SpycerBox are designed for vast amounts of image data. They will optimize your workflow to be an individually scalable and reliable equipment.

How can I gain overview of my different image data?

Our solution: Spycer®

The innovative data manager Spycer® gives you the opportunity to find, edit and manage your data. Manage your different projects via an intuitive GUI and gain perfect overviews of your saved data material.

Our sales team will assist you in finding the perfect solution for your facility environment.

R&S®Video Solutions Brochure
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