The first choice for DCI Mastering

Fuze is a powerful Digital Cinema delivery system for DCI Mastering for material up to 2K, including 3D. Fuze handles stereoscopic content just as easily as if it were 2D, and creates encrypted Digital Cinema Packages. With our unique hardware, the entire DCP creation process is accomplished in high speed. Fuze provides subtitling up to 2K and is equipped with a number of features, including a flexible editing tool, scaling, color space conversion, and encoding into compressed formats. Gain tremendous flexibility for your workflow with the intelligent SOAP interface. Fire up your ideas with Fuze. 


  • Digital Cinema delivery system for DCI Mastering with subtitling up to 2K
  • Stereoscopic DCI Mastering up to 2K
  • Cinema reel editing tool with up- and downscaling
  • Quality control review and finalizing into compressed formats
  • SOAP interface

Areas of application: post production, digital cinema