RAW Workflow with CLIPSTER®

Process full uncompressed 4K RAW files

Shooting in RAW mode provides the highest quality content and delivers the utmost flexibility from acquisition through post production. The CLIPSTER® hardware accelerator board easily decodes, demosaics, and processes RAW content faster than real-time. Moreover, it provides the ability to work with a full resolution RAW file in 4K 12 bit RGB mode just like the RED ONE®, RED EPIC®, ARRI ALEXA and Sony F65 cameras. Simply drag and drop the RAW files directly into the CLIPSTER® timeline and press "play". No pre-processing or background rendering is required. In addition to the video stream, the audio and all metadata are utitilized. A sophisticated toolset lets you view the camera parameters, enabling ultimate picture control to achieve just the right look.

The real-time digital camera RAW workflow

CLIPSTER’s unique Conforming Tool easily manages and conforms all original RAW content via EDL, FCP XML or ALE. Using the timecode and reel number, the RAW files can be assembled on CLIPSTER's timeline. By using a split screen you compare the 4K RAW 12 bit material with the offline files from editorial, such as QuickTime® or DNxHD®. CLIPSTER® color corrects or scales each format in real time. DPX file sequences, for use in third-party color grading software, are generated faster than real-time. With any RAW files in the timeline you can control CLIPSTER® with your preferred color grader via an RS-422 interface in highest quality.

Lightning fast RAW dailies

Create offline editing content on-the-fly with CLIPSTER's brand new burn-in feature set. RAW dailies are generated easily with RAW material directly from a RED®, ARRI, Sony, Phantom, Silicon Imaging, and a host of other digital cameras, eliminating time-consuming data processing sessions. CLIPSTER® provides the formats needed for your offline workflow. The powerful CLIPSTER® engine generates offline formats in HD/SD or Apple ProRes (422, 4444, HQ, LT, Proxy), Avid DNxHD® or other commonly used compressed formats with the metadata and header information burned into the picture.  

  • Demosaic and decode RAW files in real time to enable fast DI workflows (RED®, ARRI, Sony, Phantom, Silicon Imaging, and a host of other digital cameras)
  • Control the image processing requirements for developing RAW data
  • Quickly create high-quality RAW dailies with comprehensive burn-ins from RAW files
  • Sophisticated conforming of RAW files
  • FCP XML and Avid ALE support