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With the Cine4K system, DVS introduced the first player in the world to handle uncompressed 4K material at a frame rate of 60p. Use Cine4K for perfect presentations, realistic motion rides, and impressive 3D projections.


Pronto3 is the ultimate file-based HD and 2K disk recorder for professional broadcast, film or presentation projects. It handles the recording and play-out of uncompressed film material in real time and offers various conforming and editing tools. Both compressed and uncompressed SD and HD can be used in YUV 4:2:2. Pronto3 is also suitable for presentations, e.g. at exhibitions, and as a player for video walls or LCD displays.


ProntoXway is a high-end disk recorder with two independent pairs of video channels in one unit. With its capability of playing out uncompressed SD and HD content, this member of the Pronto family is ideally equipped for the requirements of digital broadcasting. ProntoXway enables simultaneous capturing and content editing: It starts the color correction and editing processes while the Telecine transfer is still running. While one channel captures the data, the second can be used to access the stored material and start processing.

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The Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD.2 are versatile disk recorders for various applications. ProntoHD.2 handles uncompressed SD and HD material in real time. Pronto2K.2 adds uncompressed 2K (up to 2048 x 1556) in real time and 4K (up to4096 x 3112) at 5psF. The DI and post production business will benefit from the dual-link HD-SDI interface which can capture and play RGB 4:4:4 12 bit material plus keycode. The DVI and analog RGB outputs are perfect to feed HD or 2K material into projectors, CRTs, LCD and plasma panels. Editing and batch capturingare completed by autoconforming with transitions and speed effects.


The Pronto2K DDR leads the way in digital film and television. This fully confi gured turnkey system processes uncompressed SD, HD and 2K (2048 x 1556) in real time. It is also perfect for displaying HD as well as 2K and for theater screening.

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DVS CineControl / DVS CineReel

Capture and work with your footage on the film set. Every frame is available immediately, in real time. Experience WYSIWYG in a higher dimension: true uncompressed HD 4:2:2/4:4:4 gives the utmost in digital film quality. Using the DVS CineConrol you benefit from all the advantages of the digital world and can make color correction, prewiews, one-to-one copies of your footage without delay. Together with its storage, DVS CineReel, they from an ultra-powerful capturing combination.


The uncompressed 2K solution
The HDStationPlus and HDStationRGB are ready-to-use Windows or Linux based workstations with intuitive software, providing an affordable HDTV play-out and capture station with disk recording and networking capabilities.

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The multi-channel server for uncompressed HD
HDXWay is the world’s first dual channel server system for uncompressed real-time HD record and play-out. It incorporates two independent HD channels on a shared high-speed HD videodisk array with modern fiber-channel technology

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Versatile RAM recorder for R&D
The Image Sequence Processor ISP500 is a high-capacity RAM recorder designed for real-time I/O of image sequences and video signals in all kinds of TV rasters, resolutions, and picture formats.

MovieVideo (1995-2000)

The MovieVideo is a single board HDTV RAM recorder with multi-standard and multichannel capabilities. It can handle almost any 8 and 10 bit quantization in RGB, YUV, or monochrome format. Capture, store, and display full motion video sequences in studio-level quality.

MovieVideo-BSS (1998-2000)

The MovieVideo-BSS is an HDTV broadcast still store with preview, key and dual channel options for play-out and insertion of HD stills and clips in broadcast applications. The MovieVideo-BSS is controlled via the dedicated control panel or via an external RS-422 line.

MovieVideo-SCS (1998-2000)

The MovieVideo-SCS is an HDTV RAM still & clip store with wipe generator and toggle function. It is designed specifically for film-to-video and video-to-video color correction and scratch removal applications. The included control panel provides direct function, jog/shuttle control, and control over thumbnails presentation.

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ProntoServer (1999-2002)

The ProntoServer is a multichannel, shared storage D1-D5 disk recording system. It can handle up to 4 simultaneous uncompressed SDTV data streams with 270 MB/s.

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ProntoVision (1996-2000)

The ProntoVision is an HDTV disk recorder with multi-standard capabilities. It offers 8 and 10 bit quantization with color space conversion in real-time. Record, store, recall, display, and play uncompressed HDTV 4:2:2 video sequences in studio-level quality.


The uncompressed SD solution
The SDStationPlus is an affordable video post production system with real-time disk recording and networking capabilities. It is centered around a powerful PCI board for real-time I/O of uncompressed D1 and D5 video data in 8 and 10 bit.

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The multi-channel server for uncompressed SD
The SDXWay is an ultra powerful and flexible SD server. It offers up to eight independent SDTV video channels, each having access to a shared high-speed disk array.

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