Atomix LT

The two-channel 3G hardware board

Utilize our video boards to realize high-performance video applications. I/O cards (input/output) letting you run the desired features on your systems, our boards may be used to enable compositing, titling, and color correction, or to power presentation servers.

Atomix LT focuses on 2K, HD and SD formats with a programmable up/downscaler and a 1D LUT. A programmable EE with hardware watchdog between SDI input and output makes our boards ideal for live equipment. Atomix LT can be shipped with 5 BNC for SDI input, output and reference input on the front panel. Other connections are available on additional slot panels. Another shipping version of Atomix LT comes with 4 BNC and a VGA style connector that provides LTC, reference input, RS-422 and analog audio output when minimum front space is required. Join the group of major industry leaders who have already gained success by implementing our video boards into their DI solutions.