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PCIe Expansion Box

Utilize DVS’s PCIe Expansion Box as a simple and efficient way to maximize your computer’s connectivity for FibreChannel, 10G Ethernet or InfiniBand cards. The PCIe Expansion Box is the perfect solution to extend the host computer by providing four PCIe x8 slots.

The PCIe Expansion Box supports Window®, Linux® and Mac OS® with Apple Mac Pro.

The PCIe Expansion Box is available either with redundant or non-redundant power supply.


CinePlay, the latest member of DVS’s family of video boards, has been specially designed for customers who want to develop a cinema player that will play out material as specified by the DCI.

Optimized to work with JPEG2000 compressed material CinePlay will also handle uncompressed data. On top of decompression, the board also carries out MXF unwrapping, RSA and AES128 decryption and link encryption


The ultimate hardware board for highest resolutions

With its Atomix family of video boards, DVS has significantly extended the range of possible applications. 

It supports every resolution from SD to 4K in real-time. Moreover, Atomix handles 2K stereoscopic material as well. With the diversity and flexibility of its feature range, the powerful DVS hardware complements any software solution. Atomix enables the play-out of uncompressed 4K in real-time with an up- and downscaler for format changes and uses 3D LUT to suit high-end film post production and presentations. Furthermore, key features include capture and play-out via dual-link 3.0 Gbps SDI, real-time 1D LUT, 16 embedded audio channels along with 16 AES/EBU channels.

Centaurus II LT

The basic I/O board

You would like to use Centaurus II technology for your applications, but you do not require the entire range of features in the DVS video board? The Centaurus II LT allows you to benefit from Centaurus II performance and reliability even when realizing less demanding video and audio I/O projects. Centaurus II LT supports SD/HD SDI and covers all the features necessary for your basic application. This DVS video board solution offers you formidable technology at a very attractive price.

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Centaurus II

The flexible hardware board for any format

The flexible Centaurus II video board enables you to realize challenging projects. Its highly diverse range of applications allows you to unleash your creativity and develop innovative products for the film and video industries. Available as a PCI-X or PCIe version, Centaurus II offers optimum data throughput and supports real-time I/O for all established video formats, from SD and HD up to 4K. Use the extensive feature set to enable high-performance compositing, title generation, video graphics, virtual studio, color correction, and video I/O. Use Centaurus II to create applications for purposes ranging from weather visualization to 3D effects to real-time presentation.

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The essential SD board

Build your custom A/V system for input, output, and processing of uncompressed SDTV data. Use SDStationOEM II to gain high flexibility combined with all the benefits of a 64-bit PCI bus. With SDI I/O you have numerous connection options at your disposal, both single and dual link. The SDStationOEM II's combination of maximum performance and functionality allows you to develop innovative products that will impress both you and your customers.

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The ideal JPEG2000 video board

You need a video I/O board easily capable of processing JPEG2000 data in real time? The HydraDDR has been designed specifically for JPEG2000 input and output. Thanks to the X’Y’Z’ color mode and JPEG2000 format, you may benefit from excellent image quality combined with reduced storage space requirements. In addition to compressed data, HydraDDR also processes uncompressed material up to 2K in real time. This DVS video board also offers real-time compression and decompression of SD, HD and 2K material, as well as quick conversion of 4K data.

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The supreme play-out board for digital cinema

You are developing players for the cinema of the future and require compliance with DCI specifications today? With HydraCinema, your A/V systems are perfectly equipped for the output of DCI-specified material. Benefit from the possibility of playing out encrypted MXF data in real time and working with both compressed and uncompressed formats. Use RSA, AES-128 decryption and link encryption in addition to powerful decompression features like MXF unwrapping! Create the perfect 3D experience - use HydraCinema to realize your 3D projects with the play-out of stereoscopic 2K material. With SD, HD, 2K and other DCI-specified formats, this board is perfectly equipped for integration into players for cinema projection and cinema post production.

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Centaurus® is the industry standard for uncompressed video I/O hardware. Combining the proven technologies from the popular SDStationOEM and HDStationOEM boards, Centaurus® offers developers even more flexibility, power and reliability with up to 3 years warranty. The board features ultra-hgih data throughput with PCI-X bus architecture. It supports uncompressed SD and HD in all popullar color spaces, frame rates, rasters and resolutions. Developers will appreciate the flexibility of the tried and tested DVS API. Of course the DVS Software Development Kit is shipped for free with Centaurus.

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ClipStationPRO (1998-2002)

The ClipStationPRO is a single-slot PCI-bus board for turning an NT or UNIX based computer into a professional video workstation. At the same time the ClipStationPRO extends a computer to become a high-performance digital disk recorder for uncompressed D1 and D5 video data.

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HDTV I/O for professional OEM applications
64-bit PCI board for HDTV digital serial I/O.Uncompressed HDTV real-time input and output for professional applications in post-production, TV, film studios and broadcast.

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The SD solution for Windows
Mado provides professional video artists, working under Windows, with an excellent uncompressed SD video input, process and output solution. With the support of QuickTime and AVI a whole host of applications become available.

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SDTV I/O for professional OEM applications
Half-length PCI board for uncompressed video and audio production. The whole post-production in one compact board.

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