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IMF Webinar online

Watch our online webinar. It is available in German: "IMF - Interoperable Master Format: Entwicklung eines Standards." Feel free to start by clicking here.

Mezzanine Workflow with CLIPSTER®

Today, there is a need to generate multimedia deliverables for devices like IPTV, DVD, Blu-ray, mobile phones, multimedia players, content services, web applications and gaming consoles in different versions and languages. CLIPSTER® supports mezzanine files like IMF (Interoperable Master Format*) or AS-02 and enables versioning and inventory management of content for use in multi-version, multi-lingual, and multi-delivery media environments. Utilize CLIPSTER® to create mezzanine formats like IMF or AS-02 digital masters with video, audio, subtitle, and closed caption tracks for file-based libraries.

Completely tapeless

Switch from tape-based workflows to a digital file-based workflow with CLIPSTER®. Using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), automate your CLIPSTER® to create your mezzanine files or output deliverables. Our specially designed wizard guides you through every step of the mezzanine workflow, simplifying the entire process.

  • Faster than real-time encoding of JPEG2000 RGB/YUV file sequences up to 500 Mbit/sec and beyond (for high frame rates and 4K applications)
  • Intuitive wizard guides you step by step, simplify the creation of mezzanine formats like IMF or AS-02 
  • Subtitling emulation supports subtitle displays in the CLIPSTER® software
  • Extensive metadata support
  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interface enables automatic CLIPSTER® control via third-party tools

*According to the latest published specification from IMF/SMPTE