DCI Mastering with CLIPSTER® in 2D and 3D

State-of-the-art DCI Mastering

CLIPSTER® enables the generation of DCI masters with 2D and 3D content. Following the DCI specification, CLIPSTER® grants the ability to create fast and secure stereoscopic Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs). CLIPSTER’s DCI Mastering Wizard lets you conveniently perform all steps of the stereoscopic DCI Mastering process including interleaving (for 3D content), encoding, encryption and wrapping into MXF files. With CLIPSTER’s unique hardware accelerator, this process can be accomplished faster than real-time!


Sophisticated DCI Mastering

Generating DCPs is a complex and responsible task: Beginning with the import and arrangement of delivered video, audio and subtitle assets, heading into management of different language versions, reel editing and handling, image encoding, audio labelling, correct package naming and finally the generation of valid KDMs for the individual cinemas and visual quality control of the final images and subtitles.

All this has to happen within typically tight deadlines where mistakes are not acceptable – DCI Mastering, indeed, is an elaborate challenge. CLIPSTER® will ease your mind as it smoothly supports and guides you through all the individual stages of 2D and 3D DCP creation.

Being a long-time SMPTE member and in-depth DCP-expert for several years, Rohde & Schwarz DVS always provides up-to-date DCI compliance as well as well-balanced tools for a perfect DCI Mastering experience. Even with a tremendous amount of options and tools CLIPSTER® keeps the process comfortable and efficient, with the user and timeframe in mind: With our impressive history in video board technology, our proprietary JPEG2000 hardware enables a constant 2K 96 frames per second encoding performance.

This answers highest throughput demands – solving even the latest 3D 48 fps high frame rate tasks.

Two separate video streams – one for each eye – are merged together when mastering a 3D stereoscopic DCP. 3D subtitles, depth-editable with manual control or sophisticated automatic depth detection, can be positioned and reviewed in real time to prevent depth collisions.

Following the DCI specification, the final DCP is comprised of left and right images interleaved at 48 frames per second and encoded into JPEG2000 file sequences in X'Y'Z' color space. And of course, CLIPSTER® offers even higher frame rates of 2x 48 fps.


Our long-term Experience

In a perfect world, all DCI-compliant devices would seamlessly interact – in reality, there are small but significant differences and you have to make sure that your packages are encoded in a way that all the various players, cinema servers and IMBs are capable of handling them properly. CLIPSTER® will smoothly see to that. 

Our long-term experience is the crucial link between all the individual steps when producing the final package: JPEG2000 hardware encoding, wrapping, labelling and guided-naming are perfectly in tune to create reliable packages. To maximize the trust in the final package, CLIPSTER’s automated DCI validation tool includes a broad variety of test-patterns that are securely reported and logged.


Quality comes first

When creating the ideal 3D experience, control over the available depth parameters is critical and instant visual feedback is essential. With these requirements in mind, CLIPSTER® was designed to support all available output formats to connect to single or dual projection units and screens.

If you find yourself in a situation where only a 2D screen is available, the anaglyph-mode offers a safe fallback. Camera misalignments while recording must be detected in order to prevent vertical and rotational offsets from showing in the editing room and in the theaters. The highly sophisticated STAN software (Stereoscopic Analyzer) is tightly integrated into every CLIPSTER® offering the most superior 3D error detection available in the market. For manual correction, all necessary parameters can also be edited and animated.

Use the overlay’s difference and anaglyph modes to control the result, or consult the all-new 3D depth histogram to quickly reference depth allocation – including configurable thresholds for maximum disparities. For color differences, the automatic color matching tool enables you to align the look between both eyes. With CLIPSTER’s D-Cinema player emulation, you can easily control the quality of the final DCP and view its integrated subtitles – both, standard and depth animated.

  • Meet the latest high frame rate demands with brilliant image quality, based on high bitrate encoding up to 500 Mbit/s and fine tuneable JPEG2000 settings

  • Encode highest quality JPEG2000 X’Y’Z’ files in high speed with our unique hardware-acceleration to handle all framerate and resolution demands

  • Conveniently perform all steps in the DCI Mastering process with CLIPSTER’s DCI Mastering Wizard – both in 2D and 3D

  • Comfortably apply multiple DCI subtitles in XML and PNG style, position them in 2D and 3D and even edit typing errors with instant visual feedback

  • Check the final DCP using CLIPSTER’s D-Cinema emulation in its full 12 bit quality, including subtitling

  • DCI Mastering also includes support for supplemental DCPs – quickly generate various DCP versions in different languages

  • Validate any DCP automatically with the included DCI validation tool for full standard compliance and receive trustworthy DCPs on delivery

  • Work in all phases: interop, transition and full SMPTE

  • Use the latest DCI additions like audio labelling, D-Box support and benefit from guided package naming corresponding with the DCI’s naming convention

  • Rely on sophisticated hardware-based KDM generation and encryption, also supporting combined server and projector certificates (optional in software)

  • Benefit from the most complete and polished DCI Mastering feature set on the market to meet even the tightest production schedules