3D Workflow

Whether you ingest 3D content using HD-SDI up to 30 frames per second or use any file-based input format – CLIPSTER® simplifies the handling of 3D content. Connect two independent streams in the timeline, right away in the BIN or automatically on import and both streams will be used in perfect synchronization.

Stereo tracks can be edited as regular video tracks – eliminating the need to edit the left and right eyes separately. Play out and control both streams simultaneously over HD-SDI or DVI. A routing feature helps you to define the left and right eye outputs. Control depth in real time up to 48 frames per second per eye with a special 3D panel and the unique Stereoscopic Analyzer STAN – preparing you for the high frame rate tasks to come. Conforming 3D content is also painless with CLIPSTER’s sophisticated conforming tool; just drag and drop the EDL onto the timeline and the stereoscopic images are created.


  • Utilize the manually controlled stereoscopic correction tools and benefit from the highly sophisticated automatic correction with the integrated stereoscopic analyzer STAN

  • Check the proper 3D image depth with CLIPSTER’s complete set of display modes and analyzers

  • All major stereoscopic dual-stream methods are supported (e. g. interleaved, side-by-side, polarization, anaglyph red/green, anaglyph red/cyan, Infitec®, etc.)

  • Easily conform and merge left and right eye streams like uncompressed file sequences and container formats into the timeline and edit them as regular video tracks

  • Playback and master high frame rates in 3D including depth-animated subtitles