Based on scientific know-how DVS was founded in 1985 by three managing directors. With a safe feeling for the development in the video and image processing they identified technologies like HDTV resulting in 2K and 4K resolution.

Providing image processing and video coding applications for research and development in the beginning, in 1994 DVS started to market studio products for video graphics, animation, broadcast, and post production facilities. In 1997 the second DVS Headquarter was founded in Burbank, California to meet the large request for DVS products from Hollywood.

Again and again DVS was pioneer in several areas of digital video technology and developed products with the cachet "world`s first" – an absolute unique selling point of DVS.

In 2010 DVS joined the group of companies from Rohde & Schwarz. Since 2012 we operate as Rohde & Schwarz DVS.

History Overview


  • Andreas Loges becomes new CEO of Rohde & Schwarz DVS by December 15th
  • CLIPSTER® allows for the the world's first implemented high frame rate DCI workflow with Dolby AtmosTM: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  • We are official supplier to the Berlin International Film Festival


  • DVS now operates under the name Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH and will remain an independent organization within the Rohde & Schwarz group
  • VENICE positions itself as a Media Production Hub for file-based broadcasting and goes beyond offering the functions of a traditional video server to include a variety of intelligent features for file-based broadcasting
  • We introduce our new video board CinePlay that is not only optimized to work with JPEG2000 compressed material but also handles uncompressed data


  • DVS adds a new member to its renowned Pronto family of disk recorders The Pronto4K is the ideal system for implementing professional broadcast, post production and presentation projects
  • With VENICE DVS builds a unique collaboration with Avid: DVS's multi-channel video server VENICE implements workflows using Avid ISIS® shared storage and Interplay® PAM systems


  • DVS celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • Integration into the Rohde & Schwarz group of companies
  • DVS launches Fuze, kicking off a new era with its new Digital Cinema delivery tool
  • With Atomix, DVS unveils a new line of cutting-edge video boards
  • CLIPSTER® allows real-time demosaicing and decoding of RAW data from RED®, Arri, Phantom or Silicon Imaging cameras


  • DVS introduces a hardware-accelerated RED® workflow for CLIPSTER®: RED® camera data can be processed in real-time.
  • DVS unveils the VENICE video server – a new system specially suited for the broadcast market
  • CLIPSTER® wins the POST PICKS award at NAB 2009
  • At the BANFF World Television Festival, DVS is honored with the 2009 Deluxe Outstanding Technical Achievement Award


  • A new conforming tool optimizes the performance of the DVS flagship CLIPSTER®
  • DVS introduces Pronto3 – the new generation of digital disk recorders
  • SpycerBox can be used as cluster solution thanks to SpycerLink technology


  • With the DI workstation CLIPSTER® DVS clears the way for Digital Cinema since the DVS flagship carries out essential steps in DCI mastering
  • The new I/O board Hydra offers customers decompression of SD, HD and 2K in real time
  • DVS unveils the world’s first player for uncompressed 4K material with 60p frame rate
  • DVS Digital Video Systems AG becomes legal successor of DVS Digital Video Systems GmbH


  • The content management system Spycer® is unveiled and wins the „Pick of Show award from IBC 2006“ of the TVBEurope magazine
  • The new line of disk recorders Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD.2 enable real-time multi-resolution capture and play and full conforming


  • In 2005 the DI workstation CLIPSTER® is declared winner of Digital Cinematography Award at NAB 2005 for its advancement in the art and science of Digital Cinematography.
  • In addition to its cooperation with Hollywood film studios DVS teams up with companies such as The Mill, Midnight Transfer, Sony, Kodak and Bang and Olufsen


  • Improvements for the DVS flagship CLIPSTER® making it the ultimate solution for every post production facility
  • Release of new OEM board Centarus® based on PCI-X bus architecture, providing video processing in SD, HD or 2K for OEM customers
  • ProntoHD/Pronto2K product line release


  • Release of on-set capturing video system DVS CineControl and its portable and outdoor-proof disk array, the DVS CineReel
  • First version of CLIPSTER introduced: the new real-time editing workstation for uncompressed video up to 2K


  • First multi-channel server for uncompressed HD (HDXWay)


  • First RGB-HDTV workstation based on a PC with Windows NT operating system (HDStationRGB)


  • Extension of HDTV workstation by film rasters
  • First PCI board with dual-channel SDTV I/O for video board customers (SDStationOEM)


  • HDTV PCI Board HDStationPRO
  • First HDTV workstation based on a PC with Windows NT operating system (HDStationPlus)


  • First Super-HDTV (cinema resolution) disk recorder


  • Subsidiary founded in Burbank, CA, USA
  • First Video Server and HDTV disk recorder


  • First D1 uncompressed PCI Video I/O Board


  • TV Studio Products (D1 DDR, SCSI/Video Compression Boards)

1992 – 1995:

  • Participation in the MONALISA EU project (Virtual Studio)


  • Development of workstations for image sequence processing


  • Production of workstations for image processing


  • First Image Sequence Processor (ISP 256)


  • DVS is founded in Hanover, Germany by Siegfried Beyer, Peter Spoer, and Hans-Ulrich Weidenbruch